Blog Posts in December, 2015

Which Wedding Hair Styles Work for Your Hair Type?

If you are about to get married, one of the things you are probably concerned about is looking your best on your big day. And one important aspect of this is having a beautiful, flattering hairstyle. ...
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Wedding Hairdos for Curly Hair

You can create a beautiful updo in Marlton for your wedding. Watch this video to find out how. The video explains that, for the best results, you should divide the hair into as few and as large ...
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Tips for Talking to Your Hair Stylist

Many people find it difficult to communicate clearly with their hair stylist. If you fail to describe your wishes clearly, you could end up with a hairstyle you were not expecting or did not want. ...
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Wedding Makeup Basics

No wedding hairstyle near Marlton is complete without the perfect wedding makeup. Whether you use a professional makeup artist or plan on applying makeup yourself, the right makeup can highlight ...
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