Your Guide to Hair Extensions

If you are looking for a new style, hair extensions can help you get more length without having to wait for your hair to grow. Use this guide to learn more about hair extensions and how they can give you the look you want:

There Are Different Kinds of Extensions
Your Guide to Hair Extensions MarltonHair salons offer a variety of extensions that give you more length and body. Fusion hair extensions are strands of keratin-tipped hair that is attached to your natural hair with heat. Tape-in hair extensions are placed on to sections of your natural hair with double-sided tape. Weave hair extensions are threaded onto braids of your natural hair. Talk to your hairstylist about what you want from your extensions so he or she can choose the right kind of extensions for your needs.

They Can Match Your Hair
If you want the most natural looking results, it is important to choose hair extensions that work with the color and texture of your natural hair. Feel extensions before you choose them to make sure they are not dry. You should also try to avoid shiny hair extensions that will show more signs of wear as time goes on. Go to a quality hair salon near Marlton with stylists that can find the best extensions for your needs.

They Can Fit Seamlessly into Your Hair
When you work with a quality stylist, you can get a cut and style that helps the extensions blend in perfectly with your hair. The hairstylist should cut the hair while it is dry so the extensions fall in line with your natural locks. You should also try to keep the color as close as possible to your natural color so you do not process the extensions too much.

They Act Like Natural Hair
You can care for your hair extensions like you would your normal hair. Use caution when your hair is wet, though, or you might accidentally pull the extensions out of your head. When you brush your hair, hold it at the root and gently run the brush through the ends and move up the strands.


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