• Choosing the Right Hair Color for Your Complexion

    Along with haircuts, hair color is among the most important factors to consider when you visit the salon. When you pair your hair cut with the right hair color, you can help your complexion and skin tone to shine. To choose the right hair color for you, you can look at the skin color on the inside of your arm. Skin tones are typically warm or cool colored. Along with looking at your skin color, you should also consider your natural hair color for inspiration. A salon specializing in short hair cuts near Marlton can help you achieve the hair style of your dreams. For more information about choosing the right hair color for your complexion, be sure to watch this video from ehowbeauty.

  • Tips for Choosing a Wedding Hairstyle

    With the summer wedding season just around the corner, now is a great time to choose a wedding hairstyle for your big day. Whether you choose hair extensions or updos that work perfectly with medium hairstyles, the sky is the limit when it comes to your wedding hairstyle options. A salon specializing in hair near Marlton can provide you with a professional consultation for your wedding day style. From short hair cuts to medium hairstyles, there are many wedding styles that will match your personal taste. Here is a closer look at some handy tips for choosing a wedding hairstyle. wedding hair styles marlton

    Consider Your Gown
    When you are choosing a hairstyle for your big day , it is highly important to consider the cut and style of your wedding gown. The style of your gown will provide you with important cues on the best hair style for your wedding. For example, a traditional, romantic gown may pair well with a flowing, curly updo. Contemporary wedding dress designs may look great when matched with short, chic styles.

    Choose Appropriate Accessories
    As you are working with your hair stylist to create a wedding hairstyle, it is important to also consider hair accessories. For example, you can create an updo using glamorous pins or combs that are embellished with jewels or flowers. Additionally, you may want to accompany your hairstyle with a headdress or veil. By working with your hair dresser to choose accessories, you can get the most out of your wedding style.

    Create a Shiny Base
    No matter what type of hair style you choose for your big day, it is essential to make sure that your hair is shiny, healthy, and full of life. One of the best ways to create lustrous locks is to schedule a keratin treatment a few weeks before the wedding. Keratin treatments infuse moisture and nutrients into the hair, leaving strands looking as vibrant and healthy as possible.

  • Short Haircut Styles for Women

    Short hair cuts are among the hottest trends for women this year. With many celebrities shedding their long hair for short, chic locks, now is a great time to check out some of the short haircuts that are stylish this season. When you are considering short hair, it is important to choose a cut that is right for your face shape and features. For example, a geometric cut can be a perfect complement for bold facial features. If you are seeking a softer short cut, you may want to go for a style that has bangs or fringe at the front of the face. For those women who are not quite ready to take the plunge with a very short hairstyle, bob haircuts are another terrific option. Your hair salon in Marlton can provide you with a consultation about the best short hair cuts for your style. When you make a change in your hair, you are sure to leave the salon feeling like a brand new woman.

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  • Your Guide to Hair Extensions

    If you are seeking a great way to transform your short hair into long and luxurious locks that are red carpet worthy, you may want to try out hair extensions . When your hair dresser applies hair extensions to your hair, you can receive long, lustrous hair, without having to wait for growth. Hair salons that specialize in hair extensions can recommend the right color and texture to match with your natural hair. When you are looking for a fast and fun way to update your hair near Marlton, hair extensions may be a great choice. To help you plan for your appointment, here is a guide to hair extensions. salon hair extensions

    Hair Extensions Come In Different Styles
    When you are planning on getting hair extensions , it is a great idea to research the different styles of extensions that are available to you. Many salons offer four different styles of extensions, including glue-taped, taped, weaves, and keratin. For an incredibly natural look, you may want to ask for keratin extensions. This extension style uses state-of-the-art technology to incorporate extensions into your natural hair.

    Plan for a Longer Trip to the Salon
    Unlike a simple hair cut or color, getting hair extensions can be a time intensive process. When you are considering getting hair extensions, you should plan to spend at least three hours or longer at the salon. During this time, your hairdresser will carefully place each extension along your hairline. The time it takes to complete your extensions may depend on whether you get a full or half head procedure.

    Consider Keratin Treatments
    As you are planning your hair extension appointment, you also may want to ask your stylist about booking a keratin treatment in advance. A keratin treatment will boost the shine and strength of your natural hair follicles. By performing this type of treatment a few weeks before you have your extensions put in, you can help your natural hair retain its body and shine.