• Making Your Extensions Look Natural

    long hair, extensions, malrton hair salon, hair cut marlton, lotus salon When it comes to hair extensions, hair salons in Marlton are your best bet. Only a hair salon with experienced and attentive stylists can help you find beautiful and natural-looking hair extensions. Hair salons can also bond hair extensions with glue or keratin. If you prefer DreamCatchers hair extensions, your hair salon will not use any heat or glue at all. When it comes to keeping your hair extensions natural, it is important to pick the right color, select an appropriate length, and follow all salon instructions.

    Pick the Right Color

    Your first step to natural-looking hair extensions is picking the right color. Hair extensions come in a rainbow of colors. If you do not go to a hair salon, you risk selecting the wrong shade, which can reveal your hair extensions to the world. When you visit hair salons, be sure to bring in some photographs of your ideal color. For example, if you have an ashy blonde tone that you would like to warm up with golden hair extensions, bring in photographs of your ideal blonde. If you prefer to stick with your exact natural color, tell your hair stylist that.

    Select an Appropriate Length

    When it comes to hair extensions, picking the right length can mean the difference between beautiful, flowing locks, and a tangled mess. When you select extensions, be sure to pick a length of hair that you feel comfortable maintaining. While some people find that hairstyles for short hair are more manageable, others are willing to go the extra mile to straighten or curl long hair. You can always ask your hair salon for styling ideas, too.

    Follow all Salon Instructions

    After your hair salon places your extensions, always follow the aftercare instructions exactly. To keep your hair extensions looking blended and natural, only wash them once every six weeks. This keeps your extensions looking fresh and prevents the color from dulling. Wash hair extensions using a moisturizing shampoo—there is no need to use a color care shampoo, unless they are dyed.

  • Picking a Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

    Whether you are interested in short hair cuts in Marlton or prefer long to medium hairstyles, it is important to pick the right cut and style for your face shape. To achieve your best look, always bring in photographs of your ideal hair to your hair salon.

    Short hair cuts are not for every face shape. Before you visit the hair salon, determine your face shape and ideal hair cut by tracing your face’s outline in a mirror. First, pull your hair away from your face. Next, simply trace your face shape in your bathroom mirror with a dark lipstick. Haircuts should accentuate your best features, while minimizing features you prefer to downplay. For example, if you have a large forehead, do not pick a hair cut with short bangs, as that will put all the attention on your forehead.

  • Choosing the Right Color of Extensions

    hair extensions, marlton hair, hair color Are you interested in hair extensions in Marlton but aren’t quite sure how to pick out the best color? Your first step in choosing hair extensions should be to consult with hair salons near me that specialize in both hair color and extensions. An experienced stylist can match your current hair color or help you come up with new hair color ideas. Your stylist can also help you choose between Perfectress, Great Lengths, Hairdreams, and other kinds of extension. Keep reading to how to color match, color test, and color blend to achieve your ideal color.

    Color Match

    If you are trying to match your hair extensions to your current hair color, the top of the extension matters most. That means that the part of the extension that will show under your own hair when it is attached is the essential part. First, identify your hair color from the tip to the middle of the strand. The hair color at the root is generally darker and will be hidden by your hair extensions once they are secured with glue, as are Great Lengths and Hairdreams, or through threading, like DreamCatchers.

    Color Test

    When you have your extensions done at a hair salon, your stylist will hold the hair extensions up in natural light to judge the match. Make sure to ask your stylist to show you which color she selects, so you can be sure to get the hair color that is right for you. Try to choose the color that most closely mimics your natural hair color, and don’t be afraid to ask your stylists questions. Hair extensions are an important investment.

    Color Blend

    If you purchased hair extensions online and the color is slightly off, never panic. Contact a hair salon that sells and places hair extensions. You should also pick a salon that specializes in hair color. Next, simply explain the situation. Most hair salons can easily dye good quality hair extensions to achieve the uniform color and shade you would like. If the hair extensions are lighter, your stylist can create highlights.

  • How to Keep Your Extensions Looking Natural

    long hair, hair extensions, marlton hair salon, natural hair If you would love to have longer hair without having to wait for it to grow, hair extensions in Marlton can be a great option for you. For best results, choose extensions whose color precisely matches that of your real hair. Extensions made from human hair, rather than synthetic fibers, are easier to wash and style and less liable to tangle.

    To attach your extensions, first part your hair in two places, level with the highest part of your eyebrows. Using a fine comb, tease the hair just below the part and carefully clip in the hair extensions along the line of the parting. Repeat the procedure on both sides of your head, making sure that the extension are of an even length.

    Next, trim the extensions carefully, holding the scissors vertically. For the most natural look, cut them down to no more than three to four inches longer than your real hair. Finally, curl your extensions together with your real hair and apply hairspray to complete the styling process. If you are using synthetic extensions, make sure that they can be curled.