How to Keep Your Extensions Looking Natural

long hair, hair extensions, marlton hair salon, natural hair If you would love to have longer hair without having to wait for it to grow, hair extensions in Marlton can be a great option for you. For best results, choose extensions whose color precisely matches that of your real hair. Extensions made from human hair, rather than synthetic fibers, are easier to wash and style and less liable to tangle.

To attach your extensions, first part your hair in two places, level with the highest part of your eyebrows. Using a fine comb, tease the hair just below the part and carefully clip in the hair extensions along the line of the parting. Repeat the procedure on both sides of your head, making sure that the extension are of an even length.

Next, trim the extensions carefully, holding the scissors vertically. For the most natural look, cut them down to no more than three to four inches longer than your real hair. Finally, curl your extensions together with your real hair and apply hairspray to complete the styling process. If you are using synthetic extensions, make sure that they can be curled.

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