• Choosing a Stylist for Hair and Makeup at Your Wedding

    When you’re planning a wedding, you want every last detail in place long before the big day so there won’t be any unfortunate surprises. Finding a professional stylist for your hair and makeup, and the hair and makeup of your wedding party, is an easy way to ensure everyone looks their best before they walk down the aisle. If you’re looking for a salon that specializes in wedding hairstyles near Marlton , keep reading for tips on choosing a stylist. bridal package marlton

    Find Out if the Hair Salon Offers a Trial Run
    Many hair salons near you will offer bridal packages that include makeup, wedding hairstyles, haircuts, and updos for the bride and the wedding party. Find out if your hair salon will do a trial run prior to your wedding to try out your hairstyle and makeup before your big day. This will typically only be offered to the bride, and should be booked at least three months prior to the wedding date in case you decide to go with a different hair salon. It is basically an audition for the hairstylist, so that you can find out if you work well together and if he or she has the skills you need for your wedding day hairstyle and makeup.

    Ask if the Stylist Will Work on Location
    Some stylists are willing to come to your home or wedding venue to do your hair and makeup on your wedding day, which can save you a lot of time and stress. Others will only work out of the hair salon, so you’ll have to make sure that you get there with plenty of time to spare in case something doesn’t go as planned.

    Ask About the Hair Salon’s Contingency Plans
    Find out if the hair salon or stylist has a contingency plan in the event he or she has to cancel on you unexpectedly. Will they provide a backup hair stylist and makeup artist for the same cost? If so, ask to meet the backup stylist prior to your wedding to discuss your plans.

  • Which Hairstyle is Best for Your Face?

    Most hair stylists know how to steer you in the direction of a haircut that will flatter the shape of your face. If you visit a hair salon near Marlton , your hair stylist will identify your face shape for you as either oval, square, round, or heart shaped. He or she can then recommend a number of haircuts that will flatter your face shape.

    Watch this video to learn more about what hairstyle will best complement the shape of your face. In the clip, experienced hair stylist Amelia Smith discusses classic styles and bangs that work best for certain faces.

  • Hair Services from Lotus Salon

    Lotus Salon offers a variety of hair treatments that can help you update your look. Whether you need a trim or you are looking for a completely new style, keep reading to find out what services you can get from our hair salon near Marlton :

    Our professional hairstylists can do women’s and men’s cuts, custom blowouts, and formal styling for special events like weddings or parties. We can also handle children’s cuts. We have special haircut and styling options for clients with curly hair. We also have a wide range of color treatment options. Our expert team can do all-over color, a glaze, and face-framing only to help enhance your natural coloring.

    We also have re-texturizing treatments like keratin, smoothing treatment, relaxer, or a perm. If you want to add length or volume to your hair, we can also give you expert hair extensions that help you achieve a completely new look in a minimal amount of time.

    Hair Services from Lotus Salon Marlton

  • What Makes Lotus Salon Different?


    Lotus Salon is one of the top hair salons in Marlton because we know how to give our customers exactly what they want. We combine skill and communication to ensure that every client leaves the salon happy. Keep reading to learn more about the salon and why you should turn to us for all of your beauty needs:

    Tara Bernardini and Nicholas Clark started Lotus Salon in 2011 on the foundation of departmentalization. Lotus Salon does not mass-produce hairstyles like other salons. Instead, we highly educate all of our stylists and create a forward-thinking atmosphere that allows for growth and creativity. When our hairstylists can thrive, they can offer the best services. Suit

    All of our stylists and colorists always know about the newest techniques and technologies that allow us to give our clients the styles they want. The team at Lotus Salon is completely dedicated to helping each and every client look and feel their best.

  • Your Spring 2015 Hair Style Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

    What does Spring 2015 hold for your hair? While bob haircuts have held top billing in recent seasons, spring promises to bring the return of long and medium haircuts, from lobs to longer locks. Braids are also big for spring, including loose side braids and tighter, more polished braids down the back. Braiding small sections of hair and incorporating them into a loose ponytail will also be popular. For short haircuts, the wet look rules for the upcoming season. Learn more about these looks in this infographic from Lotus Salon. Choose our hair salon near Marlton when you’re ready to update your look. Our expert stylists offer hair extensions, short haircuts, keratin treatment, and much more. We can even help with wedding hairstyles. Your friends are sure to be as eager as you to look their best for spring, so get them up to date on the latest hair trends by sharing this information.

    hair style guide

  • The Lotus Salon Story

    The Lotus Salon Story Marlton Lotus Salon is one of the top hair salons in Marlton because we work hard to keep all of our clients happy. Keep reading to learn more about our story and how we manage to offer our clients some of the best hair color and hairstyling services in the area:

    The foundation of Lotus Salon is creating personalized looks for every client. We do not believe in mass producing our cuts and colors or creating a level system for our hairstylists. Since we opened in 2011, we have hired employees with advanced education and skills to ensure that our clients get the best services.

    Tara Bernardini and Nicholas Clark are the owners of this high-end hair salon and have more than thirty combined years of experience in the industry. With their creative ideas and skillset, they have built a team of top hairstylists that can offer clients the best haircuts and colors in the area.

  • Your Guide to Hair Extensions

    If you are looking for a new style, hair extensions can help you get more length without having to wait for your hair to grow. Use this guide to learn more about hair extensions and how they can give you the look you want:

    There Are Different Kinds of Extensions
    Your Guide to Hair Extensions Marlton Hair salons offer a variety of extensions that give you more length and body. Fusion hair extensions are strands of keratin-tipped hair that is attached to your natural hair with heat. Tape-in hair extensions are placed on to sections of your natural hair with double-sided tape. Weave hair extensions are threaded onto braids of your natural hair. Talk to your hairstylist about what you want from your extensions so he or she can choose the right kind of extensions for your needs.

    They Can Match Your Hair
    If you want the most natural looking results , it is important to choose hair extensions that work with the color and texture of your natural hair. Feel extensions before you choose them to make sure they are not dry. You should also try to avoid shiny hair extensions that will show more signs of wear as time goes on. Go to a quality hair salon near Marlton with stylists that can find the best extensions for your needs.

    They Can Fit Seamlessly into Your Hair
    When you work with a quality stylist, you can get a cut and style that helps the extensions blend in perfectly with your hair. The hairstylist should cut the hair while it is dry so the extensions fall in line with your natural locks. You should also try to keep the color as close as possible to your natural color so you do not process the extensions too much.

    They Act Like Natural Hair
    You can care for your hair extensions like you would your normal hair. Use caution when your hair is wet, though, or you might accidentally pull the extensions out of your head. When you brush your hair, hold it at the root and gently run the brush through the ends and move up the strands.