• Picking a Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

    Whether you are interested in short hair cuts in Marlton or prefer long to medium hairstyles, it is important to pick the right cut and style for your face shape. To achieve your best look, always bring in photographs of your ideal hair to your hair salon.

    Short hair cuts are not for every face shape. Before you visit the hair salon, determine your face shape and ideal hair cut by tracing your face’s outline in a mirror. First, pull your hair away from your face. Next, simply trace your face shape in your bathroom mirror with a dark lipstick. Haircuts should accentuate your best features, while minimizing features you prefer to downplay. For example, if you have a large forehead, do not pick a hair cut with short bangs, as that will put all the attention on your forehead.

  • The Bob: New Takes on a Classic Style

    Short haircuts, like bob haircuts, are flattering for any face shape. The style has seen a resurgence lately as it’s a fresh, easy hairstyle for summer that looks adorable yet requires little maintenance. Find a reputable hair salon that offers bob haircuts in Marlton , and you’ll be all set for summer fun.

    Classic bobs tend to be around chin length, and are blunt, sleek cuts that will require some styling before you leave the house. These bob haircuts usually look best if your hair is straightened and curled slightly under. A pixie-style bob haircut is a little shorter, generally around ear-length or slightly below the ear. These styles work well for people who don’t want to have to spend a lot of time styling their hair.

    Angled bob haircuts are blunt, shoulder-length bobs that are longer around the jawline, and shorter at the nape of the neck. Inverted bobs feature a tapered, stacked back, a longer front, and a fuller top. Visit a hairstylist near you with some pictures of bob haircuts you like, and you’ll easily find one that flatters your face shape and is easy to care for.

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