• Making Your Extensions Look Natural

    long hair, extensions, malrton hair salon, hair cut marlton, lotus salon When it comes to hair extensions, hair salons in Marlton are your best bet. Only a hair salon with experienced and attentive stylists can help you find beautiful and natural-looking hair extensions. Hair salons can also bond hair extensions with glue or keratin. If you prefer DreamCatchers hair extensions, your hair salon will not use any heat or glue at all. When it comes to keeping your hair extensions natural, it is important to pick the right color, select an appropriate length, and follow all salon instructions.

    Pick the Right Color

    Your first step to natural-looking hair extensions is picking the right color. Hair extensions come in a rainbow of colors. If you do not go to a hair salon, you risk selecting the wrong shade, which can reveal your hair extensions to the world. When you visit hair salons, be sure to bring in some photographs of your ideal color. For example, if you have an ashy blonde tone that you would like to warm up with golden hair extensions, bring in photographs of your ideal blonde. If you prefer to stick with your exact natural color, tell your hair stylist that.

    Select an Appropriate Length

    When it comes to hair extensions, picking the right length can mean the difference between beautiful, flowing locks, and a tangled mess. When you select extensions, be sure to pick a length of hair that you feel comfortable maintaining. While some people find that hairstyles for short hair are more manageable, others are willing to go the extra mile to straighten or curl long hair. You can always ask your hair salon for styling ideas, too.

    Follow all Salon Instructions

    After your hair salon places your extensions, always follow the aftercare instructions exactly. To keep your hair extensions looking blended and natural, only wash them once every six weeks. This keeps your extensions looking fresh and prevents the color from dulling. Wash hair extensions using a moisturizing shampoo—there is no need to use a color care shampoo, unless they are dyed.

  • Which Wedding Hair Styles Work for Your Hair Type?

    bride hair style, stylist, hair salon, lotus salon If you are about to get married, one of the things you are probably concerned about is looking your best on your big day. And one important aspect of this is having a beautiful, flattering hairstyle. You may want to match your hairstyle to the specific look you have chosen for your wedding outfit. This might be more formal or more relaxed, more ornate or simpler. When choosing a wedding hairstyle, it’s also important to understand and work with your individual hair type. The first step toward selecting a wedding hairstyle near Marlton is to understand which styles would work best with your specific hair.

    Curly Hair

    Rather than attempting to straighten curly hair, we recommend working with its natural texture . Judicious use of a styling product can be very helpful, especially if weather conditions are likely to be humid. Ask your hairstylist to use a few well-placed bobby pins to secure your style without resorting to excessive amounts of product.

    Straight Hair

    If your hair is naturally straight, you can curl into big, loose curls for the ceremony. If you prefer, you can play up its natural texture with a sleek updo, such as a bun or French plait. Use a serum to add extra shine.

    Fine Hair

    Fine hair is best suited to very simple styles, such as a classic updo. You can add volume with hair accessories like twists, loops, and hairpieces. A little hair gel or putty can add volume. It’s easiest to style fine hair when it’s not completely clean. Wash your hair the day before the wedding, instead of on the day itself.

    Thick Hair

    Thick hair looks wonderful in an updo, especially with added braids. Since thick hair can be more time-consuming to style, allow extra time in your schedule if you would prefer to wear your hair down. This will allow the hairdresser to first straighten and then curl it, for extra control over the results.

  • Which Hairstyle is Best for Your Face?

    Most hair stylists know how to steer you in the direction of a haircut that will flatter the shape of your face. If you visit a hair salon near Marlton , your hair stylist will identify your face shape for you as either oval, square, round, or heart shaped. He or she can then recommend a number of haircuts that will flatter your face shape.

    Watch this video to learn more about what hairstyle will best complement the shape of your face. In the clip, experienced hair stylist Amelia Smith discusses classic styles and bangs that work best for certain faces.

  • Fun Styles for Your Hair Extensions

    Hair extensions are a fun way to experiment with your look, and are great if you’re impatiently trying to grow out a short haircut. Some people are afraid to try hair extensions because they worry that they’ll look cheap or fake, but a reputable salon near you should offer high-quality hair extensions that look beautiful and natural. If you’re looking for hair extensions near Marlton , check out these fun styles you can try with your new hair extensions. hair extensions marlton

    Curl Your Hair Extensions
    The easiest way to achieve curly, tousled hair extensions that look natural is to curl the individual extensions before clipping them in or applying them to your head. Spray your extensions first with a heat-protectant spray, and use a large barreled curling iron on the lowest setting for the most natural results. Curl each weft of hair separately, starting with the widest sections, and making sure that each is even. After clipping in your extensions, run your hands through your hair to tousle the curls and blend them in with your natural hair. Then, apply a shine-boosting product that is formulated for hair extensions.

    Wear a High Ponytail
    In order to achieve a natural-looking high ponytail with hair extensions, you’ll have to clip the extensions in backwards. Flip your hair upside down, and begin clipping in the extensions from the nape of your neck, working outwards. Then stand upright and gather your hair into a high ponytail. Use a serum or gel to tame any fly-away pieces of natural hair or hair extensions.

    Try Out a Fishtail Braid
    Clip in your hair extensions and brush them smooth, letting them blend into your natural hair. This braid works best with long, straight extensions, and can be trick with shorter or curlier extensions. Bring your hair over your shoulder, and divide it into two equal sections. Braid the hair by taking one strand from each section and crossing each over to the other section. Continue braiding like that until you run out of hair, then secure the end with a hair elastic.

  • Choosing the Right Hair Color for Your Complexion

    Along with haircuts, hair color is among the most important factors to consider when you visit the salon. When you pair your hair cut with the right hair color, you can help your complexion and skin tone to shine. To choose the right hair color for you, you can look at the skin color on the inside of your arm. Skin tones are typically warm or cool colored. Along with looking at your skin color, you should also consider your natural hair color for inspiration. A salon specializing in short hair cuts near Marlton can help you achieve the hair style of your dreams. For more information about choosing the right hair color for your complexion, be sure to watch this video from ehowbeauty.

  • Short Haircut Styles for Women

    Short hair cuts are among the hottest trends for women this year. With many celebrities shedding their long hair for short, chic locks, now is a great time to check out some of the short haircuts that are stylish this season. When you are considering short hair, it is important to choose a cut that is right for your face shape and features. For example, a geometric cut can be a perfect complement for bold facial features. If you are seeking a softer short cut, you may want to go for a style that has bangs or fringe at the front of the face. For those women who are not quite ready to take the plunge with a very short hairstyle, bob haircuts are another terrific option. Your hair salon in Marlton can provide you with a consultation about the best short hair cuts for your style. When you make a change in your hair, you are sure to leave the salon feeling like a brand new woman.

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  • The Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

    The next time you go to the hair salon near Marlton for a new hairstyle, consider a haircut that enhances your face shape. A professional hairstylist can help you find a look brings attention to your best features.

    If you have a square-shaped face, you should look for stylists that bring attention to the jawline and the cheekbones. If you have curly hair and an oval face, you should move your hair away from the face to avoid crowding it.

    People with straight hair and an oval face do not want hair that is too long or it might elongate the face. Slimmer shaped styles are great for people with heart-shaped faces because they emphasize the cheekbones. See these styles and what they can do in this video.

  • What to Know About Hair Extensions

    Hair extensions in Marlton can instantly change your look and allow you to experiment with a new hairstyle. If you want to add more length or volume to your hair, keep reading to learn more about hair extensions and what they can do for you: What to Know About Hair Extensions Marlton

    There are different kinds of hair extensions
    Your salon has a few different extension options to help you get the look that you want. Adhesive weft hair extensions use an adhesive strip placed in between the natural hair. With the proper care, they can be used up to 3 times to give you a new style quickly. Bonded hair extensions are bonded to the tip of a hair strand. Cold cylinder application hair extensions are actually threaded into the hair and a cylinder for optimal hold. You should talk to your hairstylist about the different kinds of extensions so you can decide together which ones will work the best for you.

    They make it easy to transition to a new look
    Hair extensions help you change between different hairstyles quickly and efficiently. Most kinds of extensions are easy to remove and to reuse, which helps you get the most for your money. You can find hair extensions in natural and fashion colors to ensure that you get the look that you want.

    You should get hair extensions at a salon
    If you want the most natural looking results, it is important to let the hair professionals at the salon take care of your extensions. The hairstylist can guide you in the direction of the right texture and color for your needs. When a hairstylist places the extensions into your hair, you can also be sure that they will stay in place.

    You should keep your hair hydrated
    Protect your natural hair while wearing hair extensions by using hot oil treatments and a good conditioner. Talk to your hairstylist about the right kind of products to use to keep your natural hair as healthy as possible so it feels as good as it looks.

  • Should You Get Hair Extensions?

    When you are comfortable with your hairstyle, it might be difficult to think about committing to something new. If you can relate to any of the following, you might want to try out some hair extensions to get a stylish new look without the long-term commitment of other styles: Should You Get Hair Extensions Marlton

    You Are Tired of Short Hair
    If you loved your short hairstyle when you first got it but now wish you had longer locks, your hairstylist can help you get instant length. Quality hair extensions can give you the look you want for weeks or months, especially when you get them done at the salon. Your hairstylist can play with a few different lengths until you find the perfect one.

    Your Hair Lacks Volume
    Hair extensions can also be used to add volume to thin, fine hair. Even if you already have long hair, the extra volume of the extensions is a great way to boost your current style and make it look like something completely new. Best of all, hair extensions give you natural looking results that help you feel more confident with your hairdo .

    You Want to Try a Crazy Color
    If you want to add a bright, bold color into your hairstyle without actually dyeing your hair, you can use hair extensions to get the look you want. You can use hair extensions to create a fun and unique hairstyle that helps you show off your personality. You can remove the colorful extension when you get tired of the hue or when you have to go to a professional event.

    You Want to Try a New Texture
    If you were born with stick-straight hair and you want to know what you will look like with a bit of a curl, hair extensions can help. Choose wavier hair extensions that simultaneously add volume and a new texture to your current hairstyle. With a short trip to the hair salon near your in Marlton, you can see how a completely new style will look on you.