Marlton Hair Extension Services

Hair extensions are a wonderful way to add length and volume to short hair or even long and medium hairstyles. With the wide variety of extension styles and application processes available, your stylist can help you choose the perfect extensions to suit your preferences. At Lotus Salon, we are pleased to offer top-quality hair extensions in Marlton as part of our comprehensive hair salon services.

Exploring Your Hair Extension Options

Whether you have short hair, medium hair, or long hair, hair extensions can help you achieve the look you want. Lotus Salon offers a variety of hair extension options:

  • Adhesive weft hair extensions, such as Hotheads, are applied to your hair without the use of heat or tools. These extensions are applied by sandwiching your natural hair between two wefts, each of which includes an adhesive strip. These extensions may be used up to 3 times, so long as regular move-ups are kept up with. These extensions are the quickest to apply, and re-usability makes them the most cost effective, as well.
  • Bonded hair extensions, such as Great Lengths and Hairdreams, contain a glue or keratin bonding material at the tip of each strand. During application, the bond is heated so it becomes soft, then attached to your hair and rolled or pressed flat, attaching the hair extension to your natural hair. These extensions are typically applied one or a few strands at a time for a completely customizable look.
  • Cold cylinder application, such as DreamCatchers, requires no heat or glue. Cylinders are threaded onto sections of hair, then the extension is threaded through the cylinder as well. Each cylinder is crimped shut for a tight hold.

Benefits of Hair Extensions

Full, long hair has never lost its timeless appeal. Hair extensions offer a number of unique benefits:

  1. Most hair extensions can be removed and reused for weeks or months of wear. This means you’ll not only get more for the cost of your purchase, you’ll also be able to transition naturally from short hair to a long or medium hairstyle without any awkward “in-between” phase.
  2. Hair extensions are available in both natural and fashion colors, allowing you to achieve an undetectable look or one that is completely fun and unique. The use of hair extensions to highlight or change the color of your hair means there will be no damage to your hair and you can return to your natural shade any time you want.
  3. Extensions aren’t just useful for lengthening your hair—they can instantly add volume as well. Whether you want to change the length of your hair or not, you can increase the volume of thin or flat hair quickly for a natural-looking result.

Are you curious about hair extensions in Marlton? Call Lotus Salon at (856) 574-4377 for a consultation to determine your hair extension needs and pricing.

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